Workshops Wim Hof Method

Dates 2023:

29-01 (full) and 31-01 Fundamentals workshops.
26-02 and 28-02 Advanced workshops
26-03 and 28-03 Fundamentals workshops
30-04 and 02-05 Fundamentals workshops
21-05 and 23-05 Fundamentals workshops
27-06 Fundamentals workshops
23-07 and 25-07 Fundamentals workshops
24-09 and 26-09 Fundamentals workshops


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20 degrees Celsius with the C of Comfort

Setting the thermostat at 20˚C at home. Preheating the seat heater in the car through an app. Wonderful to stay in 20˚C anytime, anywhere. Everything is made more and more efficient and we are offered more and more comfort and convenience.
Doesn't that make our bodies lazy? Roughly speaking, "yes.
Our bodies were originally made to deal with heat and cold. Systems in our body are turned on when faced with extreme heat or cold. Sweating and goose bumps are the most familiar and also the most visible reactions. Exposing our bodies regularly to heat or cold sets numerous (invisible) processes in motion. 

 René Valk:
"First I want to make it clear that taking yourself out of your comfort zone does not have to be a challenge. It is an incorrect notion that you have to go through pain limits, grit your teeth and persevere. On the contrary, because learning to relax in an uncomfortable situation, that's where the key lies. If you have been allowed to experience this 'comfortable in the uncomfortable' that gives a huge physical and mental boost."

 Just Breathe! Our breath, this powerful tool we always have with us. With the Wim Hof Method, you will learn, and more importantly feel, how to experience effort and complete relaxation through conscious breathing. Conscious breathing gives you control (back). It increases confidence in the power of our own body, by making connection with the body. Back to feeling and experiencing instead of thinking and working overtime in the brain. You feel more resilient and it brings out the primal power in yourself.


Wim Hof's Method has been scientifically proven since 2011. Since then, many have gone before you and it has brought something wonderful to many.