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The Beemster is a beautiful place. Not for nothing did UNESCO decide in 1999 to make this North Holland polder a protected world heritage site. 

In addition, De Beemster is host to another world heritage site: the Defence Line of Amsterdam. This defensive line winds around Amsterdam. The five forts in the Beemster belong to this line.  

So there is plenty to discover and experience in the Beemster. A good reason to combine your visit to Fort Resort Beemster with an outing in this unique environment.

Beemster polder, allotment

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Tea Garden Fort near Spijkerboor Defence Line of Amsterdam

Tea Garden Fort Spijkerboor

At a unique spot where biking, hiking and boating routes intersect is the Fort near Spijkerboor. Here you will find an attractive tea garden at the former Fort watchman's house. A perfect resting point during a bike ride, hike or boat trip.

Beemster Polder

More than 400 years ago, the Beemster was still a large lake. As Amsterdam became more important and grew, more good farmland for food was needed. Therefore, wealthy merchants invested in the plan to make the lake dry.

With the help of 50 mills, the lake fell dry in 1612. The division of the new land is unique: an orderly and tight geometric pattern and you can still see it well today. 

Because of its unique subdivision and exceptional example of a man-made architectural ensemble and landscape, UNESCO awarded Droogmakerij de Beemster the World Heritage designation in 1999.

Beemster polder landscape from above
Meditation deck at Fort Resort Beemster

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Tea Garden Fort near Spijkerboor Defence Line of Amsterdam

Dutch water lines

As a world heritage site, the Beemster is host to another world heritage site: the Stelling van Amsterdam, part of the Hollandse Waterlinies since 2021. This circular defense line is 135 kilometers long and winds around Amsterdam.

Of the 46 forts and batteries that make up the Defence Line of Amsterdam, 5 forts are located in the Beemster. The Fort near Spijkerboor is the largest and most modern fort of the Defence Line.

Fort Resort Beemster is another of the forts; here you can see how a fort has been given a whole new purpose with respect for the monument. This was done in such a way that the Fort received the Pieter van Vollenhoven Prize for this in 2014.

food chamber of amsterdam

After reclamation, the Beemster became the food chamber of Amsterdam. Today not only to Amsterdam but much further. 

Beemster clay is an important and distinctive flavoring for Beemster Cheese and other delicious products, such as potatoes, garlic, fruit and meat. 

Everything is maintained with respect for people & the environment and made with love. Because of this, the flavors are real and pure. And you can taste this. Also at Fort Resort Beemster!

Beemster pears
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