Reserveren is noodzakelijk. Wij hanteren een maximum aantal gasten zodat er voldoende rust en ruimte is voor al onze gasten. Komt u bij ons zonder reservering en is onze wellness al volgeboekt dan kunnen we u geen toegang geven tot de wellness.

We have the following reservation conditions:

If treatments are cancelled within 24 hours before the agreed reservation, we are obliged to charge 50% regardless of the reason.

Cancellation of treatments within 12 hours before the agreed reservation, regardless of the reason or in case of no show, we are forced to charge 100%.

There is no charge for canceling a Spa & Wellness entrance.

Hotel reservations can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance, after this we are unfortunately forced to charge 100%.

You can cancel using this form.

Every 1st Tuesday of the month is swimwear day. During swimwear day, wearing swimwear is mandatory and the saltwater pool is closed.
Wearing body-covering swimwear (such as a burkini or headscarf) is not allowed in our resort.

We do not have special ladies' days, the other days are all mixed and nude. 

Children from 16 years of age are welcome under supervision. When in doubt about age, we ask for proof of identity.The reservation must always be made by an adult. Persons under 18 years of age may not make reservations on their own.

No, we no longer have family mornings. The minimum age for visiting our wellness is 16 years old, accompanied by an adult.

We keep found items at the front desk. Please email with a description, and we will let you know as soon as possible if we have found it. You can then pick it up, or we will send it to you.
We keep all items for two weeks. Towels we then donate to the shelter.

It is no problem at all to accommodate dietary needs and allergies. As a precaution, always consult with one of our staff members. 

Our wellness resort is accessible to disabled persons who are not wheelchair bound.
We do ask that you bring your own person to help you in and out of the pools and saunas.

General contraindications to massage
- With antibiotics
- With heart problems and heart defects
- With blood thinners
- With pregnancy up to 14 weeks
- With fever or infections such as flu, colds, laryngitis
- With cancer
- With boils
- With infectious skin conditions
- With a general state of health
- With inflammations
- With low blood pressure

The sauna is an excellent way to relax, even during pregnancy. It helps to drain fluids and painful pelvic muscles are relieved for a while by the pool or saltwater bath. Are you pregnant and have you never been to a sauna before? In that case, we do not recommend going to a sauna. Your body is not used to high temperatures and changes in temperature.

Are you used to visiting saunas and are now pregnant? Please note the following points:
- Avoid the sauna for the first three months of pregnancy, even if you are used to it. The baby is still developing and the high temperature can be harmful.
- Don't stay in the sauna longer than 10 minutes
- Sit on the lowest bench close to the exit. This will allow you to leave the sauna easily if it gets too hot for you.
- Avoid saunas with a temperature that is too high (90-95 degrees)
- Cool down slowly and thoroughly
- Take a longer rest than usual, as your body has difficulty coping with large temperature changes
- Infrared sauna is not recommended due to the radiation of the infrared lamps.
- We do not recommend sunbathing because you have an increased risk of developing a pregnancy mask. A pregnancy mask is a form of hyperpigmentation in your face that is caused by UV radiation and pregnancy hormones.
- During the last six weeks we advise against bathing in which you sit, lie or float. These include whirlpools, hot tubs and herbal baths. In theory, you may already have some dilation. This increases the risk of an infection. Swimming is allowed.

We have a space available where you can pump. Please consult with reception in advance, what time and where you can pump.


Fort Resort Beemster has its own parking lot and plenty of free parking in the area.

Yes, 6 cars can be charged in our parking lot. This is subject to a starting rate of € 0.50 and thereafter € 0.50 per kWh taken. After 4 hours a connection fee of € 6.00 per hour applies. We also ask you to park your car in another place after 4 hours of charging so that other guests can use the charging point.



We accept 

- Fort Resort Beemster gift certificates.
- the National Sauna & Wellness gift card

You can order the Fort Resort Beemster gift certificate through the website or pick it up at our store. If you order it online, you will receive it directly in your mailbox. Pick it up at our store? Then we will wrap it for you. 

The gift certificate is always a monetary amount. 

Gift certificates are legally valid for 2 years. However, Fort Resort Beemster will continue to accept your Fort Resort Beemster gift card for up to 5 years after issuance.
For the terms and conditions of the National Sauna & Wellness gift card, please refer to their website. We cannot accept this card after its expiration.

Want to pay for your hotel stay with a gift card? Then guarantee the reservation with a credit card. This is for guarantee purposes only; no payment will be debited. You can use the gift certificate at check-out.

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