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Attention to our team

Our guests visibly enjoy every day with us, they have our attention because a relaxing day for our guests is top priority for us. Behind the scenes, our attention goes far beyond that. 

Our team delivers top performance; they make our company a success. Their well-being is extremely important to us. That's why we give them the opportunity to take training courses, attend fun team outings and work on a healthy lifestyle with various workshops. They can also take advantage of free Spa & Wellness entrance and discounts on treatments, products and in our restaurants.


Fort Resort Beemster is one of the most luxurious and sustainable resorts in the Netherlands. Eco-chic is what we call it. So with us you can really unwind with a good feeling. These are our sustainable initiatives:

- Rainwater is collected, filtered and used for flushing toilets.
- Residual heat from the saunas is used to heat the fort and baths.
- We have solar panels on the roof that we use to generate some of our own electricity.
- We no longer use plastic in the wellness area. For example, scrubs are handed out in the bowl of your hand.
- We encourage our guests to bring their own water bottle. This can be refilled at the water tap.
- Guests do not receive plastic bags for their belongings in the wellness, but sustainable reusable bags.
- The kitchen uses ingredients from the season and as much as possible from the region.
- We do waste separation and have our own cardboard press.
- There are rechargeable LED mood lights and candles in our restaurants.
- We use natural products for cleaning. We make little to no use of chemicals.
- We encourage vegetarian eating among our staff and have a vegetarian day at least once a week.
- Appliances and lights are only turned on when in use.
- We are conscious of our printing usage. We print as little as possible and try to digitize more and more.
- We handle laundry sustainably. For example, bathrobes are no longer put in the room by default; each guest gets what he needs at check-in.

Reusable mesh bags from Fort Resort Beemster
Fort Resort Beemster, Fort on Nekkerweg, southeast Beemster, wellness resort

Future developments

Every day we try to make our products more sustainable without compromising on quality and comfort. All our employees are responsible for continuing to make our products more sustainable and for keeping in mind whether there are better alternatives with every choice. Everyone is free to come up with ideas and to call others to account for behavior or actions that are not sustainable.

As a result, the list of sustainable examples is sure to grow in the future. Soon the laundry from our laundromat will no longer be wrapped in plastic but in reusable covers. The small shampoo and shower bottles in the hotel rooms will be replaced by large bottles which will also reduce the amount of plastic we use.
We are also in the process of installing automatic lighting with sensors. 

A great opportunity to become even more sustainable is the purchase of a bio-digester. This will allow us to generate biogas. We can use the residual product as fertilizer for our future vegetable garden.

Do you have any ideas that could help us become more sustainable? Email us:


As one of the large companies in the Beemster, we also have an eye for our environment. We support local causes such as the hospice and donate toys to children for whom this is not obvious. We are a business partner of the WWF with which we want to contribute to a world in which man and nature live in harmony. In this way we make a positive contribution to the climate and biodiversity.

We are an approved learning company and offer internships and apprenticeships throughout the year. We are also happy to give tours to interested parties. 

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