experience special rituals

for relaxation of body and mind


Several times a day, our sauna masters provide infusions in the Kelo sauna. 

During a warm-up, a mixture of ice, water and essential oils is poured over the sauna heater. The air is moved through the cabin with a cloth in a special way.

The humidity in the cabin and the wind chill increase, causing the body to perspire. This boosts the immune system and provides total relaxation.

Opgieting sauna
Opgieting Fort Resort Beemster Beleving

Beemster beleving

Op vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag wordt de opgieting van 16.00 uur vervangen door een Beemster Beleving.

De saunameesters hebben zich hiervoor laten inspireren door de traditionele banja sessie en geven dit een Beemster tintje. Hiervoor werken we onder andere samen met het Beemster Bomenmuseum waar we onder andere berk, linde, esdoorn en eikentakken mogen knippen. In de toekomst zullen we nog meer lokale producten gebruiken voor deze sessie.

Finnish Kuusi Scrub

A delicious scrub ritual in the steam bath with an organic scrub made from lavender and pine bark for radiant skin. These sessions take place in our steam bath.

You can reserve for the Kuusi scrub when you check in at the front desk. The cost for this is €1.50 per person.

Beemster stoombad bij Fort Resort Beemster
Klankschaal sessie Fort Resort Beemster

Singing bowl sessions

Let the sounds and vibrations of bowls completely relax your body and calm your mind.

A singing bowl is a musical instrument in the form of a copper bowl. When struck, it produces sounds that are experienced as very relaxing.

The operation of a singing bowl follows physical principles. Our bodies consist of 70% water. Because of this, the vibrations of the bowls can achieve many effects, both mentally and physically.

You can make reservations for the singing bowl sessions when you check in at the reception desk. The cost is €3.50 per person.

Wim Hof workshops

The Wim Hof Method is a science-based method consisting of the three components: mindset & focus, breathing techniques and cold training.

The interaction between these components ensures that you are able to influence your own immune system.

Several times a year we organize Wim Hof Workshops. You can join us for the Fundamentals workshop and the Advanced workshop. 

Wim Hof methode advanced workshop bij Fort Resort Beemster
Bijzonder plekje, uniek nachtje weg

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