Fort Resort BEemster

Surprise someone with a unique experience. 

The Fort Resort Beemster gift certificate can be used for Spa & Wellness entrance, treatments in our spa, an overnight stay, luxury spa products or to spend in one of our restaurants. 

Order our gift certificate online and receive it directly in your mailbox. You can also pick it up at our reception desk. Then we will wrap it nicely for you.

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Fort Resort Beemster, formerly Fort aan de Nekkerweg, part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give a package as a gift with your gift certificate?
No, our gift certificate is always a monetary amount. It is not possible to gift packages due to the expiration of these packages and possible price changes. We can, however, put any amount of money on the gift certificate.

Can you send the gift certificate by mail?
No, we do not send gift certificates by mail. This is because these gift certificates often get lost. You can order your gift voucher order online or pick it up at the reception desk.

How long is the gift certificate valid?
Gift certificates are valid by law for 2 years. However, we will continue to accept our Fort Resort Beemster gift certificate for up to 5 years after it is issued.

What other gift cards do you accept?
In addition to our own gift card, we only accept the National Sauna & Wellness gift card. For questions about this gift card, please refer to their website

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