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Deep tissue face booster | 25 minutes

At the Deep Tissue Face Booster, we give a connective tissue massage: an intensive massage that focuses on the skin's ability to repair itself. This stimulates blood flow, removes subcutaneous adhesions and slows down skin aging. Ideal for sagging skin, poorly supplied skin, as well as scars and/or pigmentation.

The beautician starts the treatment with a surface cleanser, then the facial massage and we conclude the treatment with a day care.

25 minutes | € 47.00

Common side effects may include redness, bruising and painful areas. If the connective tissue is stiffened or adhered, the massage can be very sensitive.

Contraindications to connective tissue massage:
Active acne | Eczema | Pregnancy | Stress/Burn-out/not feeling well in your skin | Heart and blood pressure problems | Parkinson's disease | During or right after radiologic radiation therapy | Cancer/tumors | When using corticosteroid cream (such as prednisone or other anti-inflammatory medications)

Face Treatment, facial Fort Resort Beemster
Face Treatment, facial Fort Resort Beemster

CELLULAR Renewal | 80 minutes

This treatment focuses on stimulating skin renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and pigmentation spots. 

During this treatment we begin by cleansing of the skin. Next, we perform a relaxing Signature Thalion Massage using brushes and apply a mask. We conclude the treatment with a skincare treatment.

80 minutes | € 112.50


Do you have sensitive skin? Then we recommend choosing one of our regular facials. Would you also like to epilate? Then you can book this as an extra.


Face Treatment | 25 minutes

A compact facial treatment to boost the skin and keep it in good condition. The treatment is adapted to each skin type.

  • Nursing treatment
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Deep hydration
  • Restores the skin barrier
  • Softens lines and wrinkles

25 minutes | € 47.00

Facial treatment, face treatment, Fort Resort Beemster, Thalion beauty products
Face Treatment, facial Fort Resort Beemster spa Thalion

Face Treatment | 50 minutes

A complete facial that includes cleansing, exfoliation, impurities removal, facial massage and a mask tailored to your specific skin type.

  • A treatment tailored to your skin
  • Relaxing facial massage

50 minutes | € 81.50

face treatment | 80 minutes

This comprehensive facial gives you everything we have to offer: cleansing, exfoliation, impurities removal, eyebrow plucking, massage of face, neck and décolleté, an appropriate ampoule, luxurious mask, serum, scalp massage, eye cream and day cream.

  • Very comprehensive treatment
  • With exfoliation, deep cleansing, epilation and massage
  • Fresh and hydrated skin that feels firm
  • Moisture booster for the skin
  • Sensi-pro Soothing ampoule with Sensi-pro Soothing mask or Sebomarin Seaweeds paste mask

80 minutes | € 112.50

Facial treatment, face treatment, Fort Resort Beemster, Thalion beauty products
Face Treatment for man, facial treatment men

Face Treatment for men

A revitalizing and relaxing facial treatment. This treatment is specially formulated for men's skin with highly concentrated and active ingredients. It makes the signs of fatigue disappear.

  • Detox treatment for purified and soothed skin 
  • Specially tailored for men's skin
  • Relaxing facial massage
  • With Detox Scrub, Radiance pro ampoule and delicious mask

50 minutes | € 81.50

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