Special massages

Relaxed or intense

Relaxation massage

This classic treatment is relaxing for body and mind and has a calming effect. The relaxation massage mainly uses strokes over the muscles.

  • Has a relaxing, calming and energising effect
  • Choice of 25 or 50 minutes

    25 minutes € 41.00
    50 minutes € 67.50

FORt Relax massage

A comprehensive body massage that includes massage of the head, face and feet. The Fort Relax massage is relaxing for the body and mind and has a calming effect.

80 minutes € 97.50


Sports massage

A sports massage is used to reduce injuries and muscular pain caused by physical exertion. Various techniques are used to remove waste products and reduce tension.

  • An intensive massage of 50 minutes
  • Waste products are drained and recovery capacity improved

    50 minutes € 69.50

Hot stone massage

During this massage, the hands and hot stones are alternated. The muscles are loosened and warmed up by the heat. The hot stones have a relaxing effect, relieve stress and promote the removal of waste products.

50 minutes € 69.50


Pregnancy massage

Especially for expectant mothers, we have trained our masseurs for this special massage. After the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, you can enjoy this wonderful massage. During pregnancy the body carries extra weight and this can cause tension in joints and muscles. This massage focuses on relaxation so that the body comes back to rest. We use a special pillow so that lying on the belly is possible.

50 minutes € 69.50

During the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, we unfortunately cannot offer you massage due to the baby's development.

Bamboo massage

The bamboo massage is an ancient Asian massage technique. This body massage focuses primarily on energy and strength. It improves circulation and reduces fatigue and stress. During this massage, massage is alternated with the hands and the bamboo sticks. The bamboo sticks are an extension of the hands, allowing a certain pressure to be applied. This technique has a deeper effect on the muscles.

50 minutes € 69.50

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