Team Dr Joseph is a 100% certified organic brand that combines natural ingredients with high-tech techniques, guaranteeing immediate and durable results. For every treatment, we choose the products that best suit your skin type.

The best of two worlds: the age-old wisdom of folk medicine and the latest scientific insights, coupled with the purest ingredients from the ingenious Mother Nature and the most refined of technologies. No lab is larger than the garden of Team Dr Joseph, where respect for nature takes centre stage. In the selection of active ingredients, the main priorities are pureness, quality and sustainable organic farming. All the Team Dr Joseph products are 100% natural. The brand took six years to create a 100% natural preservative by mixing vitamins with powerful active ingredients extracted from plants.

The entire programme with natural active ingredients according to the Team Dr Joseph method is tailored to your skin type and requirements. The treatment leaves your skin feeling clean and your face glowing. You feel relaxed yet full of energy.

The treatment consists of a skin analysis, lymphatic drainage massage, hot herbal compresses, a purifying peeling, a deep cleanse through cupping, the removal of impurities, eyebrow shaping, a special serum, a bio-energetic lifting pressure point massage, herbal stamps and an intensive mask. While the mask works its magic, you are treated to a neck, shoulder and scalp massage. The treatment ends with the application of day/eye cream.


Eyebrow shaping 15 min. – €15
Eyelash tint 15 min. – €15
Eyebrow tint 15 min. – €15
Eyebrow shaping & eyebrow or eyelash tint 25 min. – €25
Chin or upper lip waxing 15 min. – €15