Sleep & dream in the North Holland Beemsterpolder

The hotel that is established in Fort Resort Beemster has an extraordinary history. In the past soldiers defended the North Holland Beemsterpolder here and slept in sleeping quarters with all the troupes. The sleeping quarters have now been transformed into 10 luxurious rooms and 2 suites by Osiris Hertman. All the rooms have a spectacular view across the Fort moat. After your visit to the Spa & Wellness you can walk to your luxurious rooms or suite wearing your bathrobe. In the Poterne restaurant you may enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast. Fort Resort Beemster is located only 20 minutes from Amsterdam.

Fort  Resort  Beemster is the first co2 neutral hotel in the Nederlands. No mini bars of coffee machines: we gladly bring you fresh Pavin coffe in your room. Heated by excess heat from the sauna’s. Rainwater is filtered on the fort roof and re-used! Very eco-chic!